Welcome to the addon creative Blog

Spring showers illustration welcoming you the Addon Creative Blog

Welcome to the addon creative blog! If this is your first time visiting the addon creative site, check out a collection of our work and learn more about our approach to graphic design here.

It’s so good to be a-live. Every day a new item to post, new things to consider. The organic growth of a website in its fledgling state. Much like a proud parent overlooking first steps, feeling a flush of pride and wonder at the magic of it all.

And how does this garden grow? First, the seed – an idea. Then germination – the commitment to bring to life a catalogue of communications professionals, their creative talent, ideas and the dedication they bring to the work they do.

So it begins. A bud emerges, poised to flower into something spectacular. Thank goodness, most (but not all) of the addon creatives live in the lush rainforest that is British Columbia – and come from, as Don Evans would say, “all that rain.”

Grow With Us

Don’t forget to comment on our addon creative blog posts. Our goal is to continue adding new content, each talking about a different part of graphic design. Much like the aforementioned growth of a seed, we require your love, support, and attention to grow.

You can also email us at odette@addoncreative.ca for additional inquiries and project references.