addon creative Team

addon creatives are communications strategists, designers, and independent thinkers with high professional standards. We share diverse, complementary backgrounds and combined experiences to create a seamless delivery of any communications project.

Talent, versatility and experience are only some of our greatest assets.

Odette Hidalgo – Creative Director
Odette graphs technology trends quickly and has won numerous awards for design in both print and digital media.

As Creative Director, Odette has guided hundreds of projects from initial concept to final delivery. Odette ensures that each project is treated with care and is delivered on budget and on time. She also acts as client liaison, clarifying the goals of the project before work begins and keeping the client informed once work is underway. Clients appreciate Odette’s ability to simplify industry terms, allowing them to make informed choices.

We are a solid group of independent communications professionals that work very well at delivering excellence.

Derek von Essen – Art Direction, Design, Print Production
Derek von Essen is a BC-based graphic artist working in design, photography, painting, and assemblage. Derek has been a full-time designer since 1995. His technical expertise and publishing experience guarantee that Addon’s print projects are of the highest calibre. Derek’s work has been profiled on CBC television and has won several awards, including the Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design.

Leah Commons – Design, Print Production
Leah has been a graphic designer for 15 years, with a concentration in print design. Her portfolio includes logos and branding, marketing collateral, newsletters, annual reports, and website design. She especially enjoys illustration and infographics—the art of bringing complicated information to life using visual images. In addition to the process of design itself, Leah greatly values the professional relationships she builds through her work and the power of design to help others make a difference in their communities.

Kato von Essen – Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
Kato von Essen combines years of customer service experience, an accredited business education, and a background in SEO to deliver superior results with a personalized touch. Kato’s goal is to continue working with small businesses and independent Canadian organizations as both an educator and a digital marketing specialist.

We’re pretty friendly too.