The Frank Theatre – Sister Mary’s a Dyke?!

Promotional material designed by Addon Creative for "Sister Mary's a Dyke", produced by the Frank Theatre

Sister Mary’s a Dyke?! is a new play by Toronto-based playwright Flerida Peña. It follows Abby, a Catholic school girl who discovers that not everything is at it seems at Crown of Thorns Academy. After falling in love for the first time, Abby is sent on a thrilling mission that sends her beyond the walls of her all-girls school, to St. Peter’s Square. All of Abby’s notions about herself and the church are turned on their head in this coming-of-age, coming-out comedy featuring local actor and musician Kim Villagante, and directed by Jan Derbyshire. Scandal, intrigue, and mile-a-minute FUN are served up in this stellar one-woman show!

Cahoots Theatre Company developed and produced the world premiere of Sister Mary’s a Dyke in Toronto, April 2013.

Sister Mary’s A Dyke?! (ASL / PWYC)