RadonAware Community Testing Brochure

The RadonAware community testing brochure designed by Addon Creative


In 2014, the BC Lung Association (BCLA) completed the largest single-community radon testing effort performed in Canada to date in the community of Prince George, British Columbia (BC). Not only were home radon concentrations tested, but homeowners were guided through a building survey. The survey was designed with months of communication between stakeholders from the private and public sectors across BC, and internationally. The main purpose of the survey was to determine any association between high or low indoor radon concentrations and building characteristics such as age of construction, heating type, number of storeys, etc.

This report provides the main findings from the statistical analysis of 486 indoor radon test results where homeowners also completed the building survey. All participants were within the Canada Post Forward Service Area (FSA) of V2M in the City of Prince George . All results are reported utilizing the Health Canada guidance level of 200 Becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m3).

Radon test kits were distributed to 2000 homes across 4 Prince George postal code service areas. 71.5 percent (1436) of tests were returned for analysis after the required 3 month testing period. Overall, 29 percent of homes tested had results that exceeded Health Canada’s radon exposure guideline for mitigation.