Attention to Detail in Your Graphic Design

Adding attention to detail in regards to your graphic design can be a tricky business. As the saying goes, “God and the Devil are in the details.”

A quick look at Wikipedia provides a more in depth explanation. It’s a general idiom about paying careful attention, and varies between God and the Devil depending on who you talk to. Certainly a lot of people use it and experience does tend to support the idea that we can all benefit from paying attention to details – regardless of where we stand on religion.

What That Means to addon creative

But what does it mean in graphic design terms? To addon creative, it means the careful execution and delivery of all our work in print and web design. When a client asks me to prove something, that request includes:

  • Checking for alignments
  • Consistency in text formatting and layouts
  • Special attention to line rags
  • Many, many more

Adding more attention to detail will mean the difference between a professionally executed technical or annual report and one that is just slapped together. In today’s tech-savvy age, general standards are high – and your audience consciously (and sub-consciously) expects more. A cleaner, well-formatted document will makes it easier for your audience to access relevant information.

It Helps You and Your Clients

Attention to detail in graphic design also benefits us as a business by building and strengthen client relationships. With careful attention to what clients are saying, we can also get a good gauge of what they don’t say – helping us better understand how to help them.

There is no doubt that careful attention to detail in the field of communications is years of best practice methodology in action – and “best” is what we all want and strive for. Regardless of whether you think it’s God or the devil in the details, as long as our addon creative team is taking care of them, we can all thank heaven!